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Dear visitors of our web site, we offer you the opportunity to watch the contents of our portal in two ways. The second way is unremarkable «simple player», you just run it and watch what you have chosen, but the first and it is the main way is based on Ace Stream technology. ACE Stream uses technology based on P2P (peer-to-peer) developed on the basis of the BitTorrent protocol, which is recognized as the most effective protocol for transferring "heavy content".  

You can find more details on the official website of the platform:

In order to watch without problems high quality video and TV channels, you need:

  • 1. Presence on a computer ОС Windows and one of the browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera;
  • 2. Download and install Ace Stream plugin;
  • 3. Restart the browser.

The latest version of Ace Stream You can always download here:    Download one file     Download torrent file


I - Each user of the ACE Stream provides a portion of its disk space and Internet connection in general pooland as a result resources serve to all. By using ACE Stream software you help other people, and other people help you and everybody get maximum speed of audio/video stream.

Video instructions:




During the installation of the plug in installation wizard be should choose the directory for uploading the video because the default selected drive "С". All video that you are viewing will be automatically downloaded to the specified choosen directory. It is recommended to live unchanged the directory for the installation of the plug-in.

Playback of the chosen content will start after you click "Play" and after 100% buffering!

If while viewing you observe slow work of a broadcast and the process of buffering- we recommend you to increase the buffer size «Live». For this on the icon Ace Stream in the system tray, right-click, and from the menu select "Options ...", enter a desired size of the buffer Live in seconds in the corresponding field. We do not recommend you to set the buffer less than 10 seconds and more than 60.

If while watching you observe a message "This content is available for premium users only" - you need to go to the client settings, for this you should find in the lower right corner (tray) the client icon ACE Stream, and choose from the menu "Options..." further establish the values ​​of the fields "Username" and "Password" equal to «test» and then click "Apply" and then a button “OK".

Pleasant viewing! With best regards, the administration of Banan TV.

Installing and configuring ACE STREAM software

A full package of ACE Stream software contains:

ACE Stream HD — the manager of multimedia streams (BitTorrent — the client of the new generation!);

ACE Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in — multifunction web player based on libvlc (plug-in for web browsers);

ACE Player HD — an upgraded version of media player VLC with maintain of the BitTorrent protocol;

TS Magic Player — additional extension for browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera(extends the multimedia capabilities of many popular sites). For information: version of the web browser Opera installed separately and does not come in the installation package.

Testing after installation

Before you use the ACE Stream software, be sure to test its working capacity, using test web player and submitted for the test torrent files. Go to the test: (

Options and settings

For personification of ACE Stream HD settings and / or activate the account in the ACE Stream system, use the menu "Options". To open the options menu, move the cursor on the icon "Torrent Stream", which is placed in the system tray (when running the program) and making a right click, select "Options" and click on this menu item.

ACE Stream HD options:

«Username / Password» — a fields in which the user enters the data in the ACE Stream system. Used to activate additional functions.

«Cache drive» — the folder used for temporary caching of multimedia data.

«Upload limit» — set a limit of the upload streaming speed of multimedia data to other users.

«Download limit» — set a limit on download speed of multimedia data from other users.

«The size of the disk cache» — allow you to assign the maximum size of disk space that you are willing to allocate for temporary caching of multimedia data.(In case of reaching the limit of cache size files from it will be partially removed freeing up space for caching playing file).

«Automatically determine download limit» - in automatic mode download speed will not exceed the speed of the bit rate with coefficient 1,3(1,3 * bit rate)..

«Start with sufficient speed only» — if download speed is lower than bit rate of playback file, the playback will begin when the size of the generated cache and download speeds allow to playback the file without interruption for buffering.

«Play entertaining videos while prebuffering» —this option will help you pass the time pleasantly while waiting prebuffering launching in the meantime playback of announcements of new films and other entertainment content. Attention! This is not advertising displays and there will be available rewind function if you want to skip them or disable when you see that the prebuffering has been completed. And the most important- these displays in no case will not increase the pre-buffering time! (How can it be!? Just try it, you can always distinguish it anytime!)

«Advanced options»:

«Clear disk cache» — remove from the cache drive downloaded files of program.

Configuring of ACE Player HD carried out in accordance with the configuration of the original program, namely player VLC. You may find detailed information at the developer's site VideoLAN.

Most settings of ACE Player HD is synchronized with the settings of ACE Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in. This means, for example, that if you want to enable hardware acceleration for web players, you need to set this option in the desktop version of the player and it will also work for web players. Attention! If you want configuring for ACE Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in to take effect you will need to restart your web browser after their launching.