Frequently Asked Questions

/ Частые вопросы

1. The first thing you need to read.

Dear users! To begin with, we want to draw your attention to the fact that TV Torrent — it is very complicated system for the technical realization that is currently in a state of development.

We ask you to consider that some of the channels on the site may not work, some may occasionally operate wrong and to run some you need to read the instruction.

You should remember that not all channels have 24-hour broadcasting. But if you think that the channel does not work- let us know in the comments on the channel page or on this forum. Playing a video or audio stream may occur 15-45 seconds after the page loads.  Please wait for the start of the playing! If the video does not appear — please refresh the page, install the latest version of your browser or follow the tips below.

(while installing programs, please be sure to close the browser, otherwise you will possible have incorrect installation)


2. Channels can not be played.

1. The channel temporarily suspended broadcasting or our site has some problems. In this case, let us know about an error (you can do this by writing in the comments on your channel page or page of this forum) After receipting of the complaint, we will try to solve the problem quickly.

2. The speed of your Internet connection is not enough for normal viewing online tv torrent(in this case, the video may not play with hitches or turn off after a few seconds of playback) what speed of Internet connection is desired (see section 11.).

3. The program which you can use for viewing online tv torrent does not let firewall in the network.

4. Your system administrator for security purposes has disabled the port that you need for viewing online tv.

5. If you have problems with watching channels and have a version VLC 2.0.5 you should to install the version 1.1.12.

6. See the next section that you need for viewing.


3. The basis of many problems with playback is a simple solution to restart the plug-in and clearing the cache, how to do it?

Right-click on the icon AceStream  in the system tray (lower right corner where the clock) and then exit. After that, please reload the page with the movie or channel or the program will start automatically and probably a playback error will disappear. 

If you make right-click on the icon AceStream  in the system tray you will see "Options" and you should enter it and click on "Advanced Copies .." and in the result you can clear the cache folder.

Also helps clearing the browser cache (see next section). 


4.Broadcast is often interrupted.

The cause of the interruption may be if the settings of Opera and FireFox  have exhibited  standard cache ~ 20 MB. You need  to increase the cache and the problem will be solved. This can be done as follows:


1. Go To: Tools => Settings (Ctrl + F12).

2. The window "Settings" will open, then go to "Advanced" tab and in the list on the left, please select "History".

3. You should  increase the "Disk cache" up to 400 MB and put a check (if it is not worth it) "Empty on exit".

4. Click "OK.

5. Restarting the browser..

Mozilla FireFox:

1. Go To: Tools => Settings

2. The window "Settings" will open, then go to "Advanced" tab and select "Network".

3. You should increase the "Offline storage" up to 200 - 400 MB.

4. Click "OK.

5. Restarting the browser.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome have a dynamic cache, it can change its size as needed. It is impossible to change it manually but you can clean it (see below).


1. Go To: Tools => Settings(Ctrl + F12)=> General Settings => Advanced => History

2. We are looking for inscription disk cache and click Clear

Mozilla FireFox:

1. Go To: Tools => Settings

2. The window "Settings" will open, then go to "Advanced" tab and select "Network".

3. We are looking for cached web content and click Clear now.

Google Chrome: Go To : settings and manage of the Google Chrome => History (Ctrl + H) =>Clear History => Put a tick next to "Clear cache” (ibid. clear cookie files) => and click the "Clear History".

Also you should check your browser settings – if the JavaScript switch on:


1. Go To: Tools => Options (Ctrl + F12) => Quick Settings

2. Put a check next to “Switch on JavaScript”

Mozilla FireFox:

1. Go To: Tools => Settings

2. The window "Settings" will open, then go to the tab "Content"

3. Put a check next to “Use JavaScript”.


5. If you hear the sound but there is no picture.

You must open the ACE Player and select in the video settings "Output video via DirectX" or Direct3D.










6. If you have the message "This content is available for premium users only".

To resolve this problem you need:


  1. - Go to the client settings: you should find in the lower right corner of the client’s icon ACE Stream right click on the icon in the opened menu and select the item "Options ...";
  2. - Set the values ​​of the fields "Username" and "Password" equal to «test»(exactly as written), click "Apply" button, then click "OK"..

If this recommendation did not help:


  1. Try to close the client Ace Stream and open it again;
  2. Remove the client ACE Stream and install the latest version of the client.


7. If you have the message  "wrong final block length".

You need to upgrade the version of ACE Stream client.


8. How to cope with the constant buffering?

Because of the features of technology, many users are not able to fully enjoy watching movies or TV channels. The users connected through the channels ADSL physically unable to give the same stream as take. Because of this, there is a problem with buffering broadcast. We offer you to make / verify the following settings:


  1. - In AceStream settings you should set to the maximum upload speed and leave the value "0" (default).
  2. - In AceStream settings you should increase Live Buffer by 2-3 times (20-30 seconds) or more.
  3. - In the same place, you should increase the number of peers in 2 times. Maximum number of connections - 400, the maximum number of connections on the stream - 100.


If your computer is connected through a router, you must open port 8621. You can check here if you have your port open!

You should turn on UPnP on the router if it does not work. This measure will make it possible to use your Internet channel by other users in an optimal way and allow to receive peers between users without resorting to the tracker (which is better).


Attention! In no case please do not reduce the rate of the recoil and do not reduce number of peers!


9. How to configure the broadcast on Samsung Smart TV?

Now we are going to relay stream from AC to either (a TV via a media server, LAN, another computer, etc.).

Go to "Settings" of the AS Player (it settled with a plug) , then "all" - "the stream output” and find “chain output” and copy this:

If you need to relay the stream and watch it at the same time in AC, you should copy the next data in the Chain output

You should save and open the desired stream.
It will start retransmission on the local address http://Your IP:8902(your ip-address is the ip-address of your computer on the local network)

http://Your IP:8902

(Create a txt file and insert in it what is written # extm3u ..... etc. your ip-address - is the ip-address of your computer (the one that you were prescribed above) in the local network further save the file and change the extension to m3u. Finally you have the playlist)


You should install nStreamLmod widget. You place playlist in nStreamLmod (possible on the stick) and everything is done.  


10. If there is an inscription "Could not startup".

You need to upgrade Ace Stream player:while installing the player you MUST check automatic update settings. While installing programs you must close all browsers, otherwise you may have incorrect installation.


11. What is the speed of the Internet connection required?

For normal viewing of TV channels the desirable speed must be not lower than-- 2.2 Mbit/s.

For normal viewing HD channels the desired speed must be not below than - 8 Mbit/s.

Average bitrate of the channels - 1.7 Mbit/s.

Average bitrate HD of the channels - 6 Mbit/s.

What is bit rate? (See Chapter 13.)


12. How to watch in full mode.

To do this you need to use corresponding icon in the window of the player (usually in the lower right corner). By clicking on this button you will be able to watch TV in full screen. Or you may click 2-3 times the left mouse button on the center of the player.


13. What is a bit rate?

Bit rate — literally, the rate of passage of bits of information. Bit rate is commonly used in the measurement of the effective speed of transferring the data through the channel, that is, the speed of transferring of the "useful information" (beside this data the channel can transfer service information).


14. "Cannot load transport file"

NOTE! Some broadcast created with the new version of Ace Stream (2.1 and above) is not supported by older versions of the client software (2.0.x and below). When you try to view a new broadcast with the old engine you will see an error "Cannot load transport file". Hence it is necessary to update the software version.



WARNING! If the channel does not work, please write a comment on your channel page.